Route Deliveries

  • Delivery areas and each sales Branch

Delivery areas and each sales Branch

Mitsuwa Industries Corporation’s Route Delivery Service covers all Okinawa, divided in 3 areas and the Ishigaki and Miyako area. Delivery can be made the following day of order.

Do not hesitate to contact the Central Distribution Center, the Ishigaki Distribution Center or the Miyako distribution center for enquires.

Center Open Phone Fax
Southern Distribution Center 9:00-18:00 098-834-1414 098-834-6894
Central Distribution Center 9:00-18:00 098-921-1111 098-921-1110
Northern Distribution Center 9:00-18:00 0980-54-2544 0980-52-0512
Ishigaki Distribution Center 9:00-18:00 0980-84-3000 0980-84-3011
Miyako distribution center 9:00-18:00 0980-75-7272 0980-75-7273

Southern Distribution Center

  • Naha City
  • Urasoe City
  • Itoman CIty
  • Tomigusuku City
  • Najou City
  • Yonabaru Town
  • Haebaru Town
  • Yaese Town
  • Nishihara Town

Central Distribution Center

  • Ginowan City
  • Okinawa City
  • Uruma City
  • Yomitan City
  • Kadena Town
  • Chatan Town
  • Kitanaka Village
  • Nakagusuku Village
  • Onna Village
  • Kin Village

Northern Distribution Center

  • Nago City
  • Kunigami Village
  • Oogimi Village
  • Higashi Village
  • Nakigin Village
  • Motobu Town
  • Ginoza Village

Island Customers

General Contact
(Central Distribution Center)
We periodic visit outer islands and support our customers.

The Ishigaki Distribution Center covers the Ishigaki, and Yaeyama regions.
The Miyako distribution center covers Miyako island area.

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