To our Valuable Customers

To our Valuable Customers we already do business with

We are grateful with the business we do with you.
We stand as a company that helps and supports your business that supports your customers.

The Japanese economy is in a long term crisis, however our company has 10 stores and 4 distributor centers around Okinawa.
We are focused on contributing to the food culture of tomorrow.

Please share your new product information, oversea business, exhibition display, total support ideas with us so we can support your business.

We promise to you that Mitsuwa Industries Corporation will grow to support you, your customers, and staff.

To our Future Valuable Customers

Our wish is to help you serve all your customers using our Okinawa wide network and provide valuable products.

We want to continue business with those companies that have pride in their products and service.

The customers that work with us will describe us as a company that have many fine customers, many bright and humble staff work for us, and payment terms are great.
We are grateful for this kind of compliment of us.

We wish that we can serve you in the future and you feel free to contact us.
Please contact Mr. Shimada of the Purchasing Department for first time business.

Please call following for service.


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