Mitsuwa Transportation

Mitsuwa Transportation

Mitsuwa Industries Corporation has opened a new transportation company, Mitsuwa Unyu, to facilitate Mitsuwa Industries’ logistics lines.

We will continue to contribute to the Okinawan food business as Mitsuwa Industries Corporation, inheriting the spirit of our motto – “We deliver the products you need, however many as you need, as fast as needed.” – and we will strive to earn even greater trust.

We would like to thank you for your continued support of Mitsuwa Industries Corporation and Mitsuwa Transportation.

Company Information

Company Name
Mitsuwa Transportation Corporation
Masahito Shimada
Head Office Address
13-2 Suzaki Uruma Okinawa Japan (in Mitsuwa Industries Corporation distribution center)
April 5, 2021
20 million yen
Business category
General cargo trucking business
Associate company
Mitsuwa Industries Corporation
Mori Chubo Setsubi Co., Ltd.
Sogo Yushi, Ltd.
Maeda Industrial Co., Ltd.
Ryukyu Setsubi Co., Ltd.
Mitsuwa Transportation Corporation

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